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Care and repair for gates competently accomplished by experts.

Automatic gate repair may be tricky but we provide the smartest tips and new ideas to make your life safer and easier.

A video intercom can be helpful

If you have frequent visitors or require additional security, a video intercom can give you peace of mind. There are many brands to choose from, and the differences can be subtle and depend on your type of residential gate installation. Gate Repair Granada recommends that video intercoms be paired with heavy-duty gates that are designed to open and then close multiple times an hour.

Consider an automatic gate lock

An automatic gate lock can save you a lot of time, and can be a helpful tool for ensuring your privacy. Homeowners sometimes have trouble with these devices not locking correctly – a helpful tip is that the receiving pin and locking mechanism can become clogged easily, and unlocking the system completely and cleaning it thoroughly can give you much better functionality. Consider doing this every few months.

Protection from accidents

It is important to choose residential gate openers with sensors, which would protect anyone that stands in its way. The specialists of Gate Repair Granada would also suggest regular maintenance of all parts of the mechanism, keeping the tracks clean and making sure driveway gate adjustment is done properly. You must lubricate the parts suggested by the manufacturer and engage in gate hinge repair for greater stability.

The importance of mooring point

The mooring point helps keep the gate in place when it is closed and it is also referred to as the 'gate catcher'. Some of these contain nylon blocks and they prevent the gate finish from scraping off. Gate mooring points can also be custom made.

Make sure your gate opener is running on proper voltage

Specialists say that garage door openers must be sufficiently powered by the proper voltage of electricity. If you fail to do check, the gate opener may face problems if it’s running on low power or too much power, the opener may suffer permanent damage.

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