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Do you have any doubts about the right gate repair? We have answers to all questions making sure your property will be safe. Avoid problems by learning more about the reasons why gates get damaged and what to do about them.

What usually cause damage to gates?

Gates get damaged through wear and tear, changes in the weather, force and mishandling or misuse. Extreme coldness can cause the controls of the gates to slow done. Exposure to too much sun and rain can cause the parts like hinges and rollers to rust thus causing the gates to start becoming defective and eventually malfunction. Gate repair specialists at Gate Repair Granada recommend that you should take care of your gates and have them maintained at least once a year.

What will happen when my gate hits something while in motion?

Most gates have automatic gate openers that have built in safety obstruction sensors. Once these sensors are activated your gate will stop and reverse its direction when it hits something while in motion. These sensors are so designed that they prevent further damages to gates, people and other properties within the area to happen that is why it reverses the gate’s direction when they hit something while in motion.

What if the gate hits an object?

Modern electric gates have protective mechanisms which stop their movement immediately when they hit an object and reverse them. Our experts in Granada recommend that infrared safety sensors are integrated into the system. This will prevent the gate from getting into contact with the object.

Will gate remotes endanger our safety?

No, modern gate remote systems don't work with fixed frequencies but with rolling codes. Once a code is used when you press the gate clicker, it won't be used again. Next time you'll use the clicker, a new code will be generated. Thus, codes can't be copied.

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