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Our residential gate service at Gate Repair Granada Hills is the best around. In fact, all of our gate services beat out all other gate services offered by any other gate company. We offer every service anyone could think about when it comes to gates. We do repairs to installations. We have a 24 hour a day emergency service for all of our customers. This is a service our customers love. They like that they can call us night or day and we will be there to help them with their driveway gate emergency. We are here for you because we care. Call us and tell us what we can do for you.Residential Gate

Granada Hills is situated in the San Fernando Valley, located in the famous Los Angeles city, in the even more famous state of California. It hosts a population of around 54,000 people. One of the most important historical landmarks is White Oak Avenue, where is located the 101 Deodar Cedar Trees, that line in the entire street.

Our Gate Repair Granada Hills company is one of the best in the area, keen to serve its customers in a variety of ways.

Our Granada Hills Gate Repair company does many gate services like we said above. One of our most popular services is our residential gate openers’ service. A gate opener is something that everyone who has a driveway gate should have. Gates tend to be heavy. It can be difficult for some people to open and shut them. A gate opener takes all of that hassle away. They will allow you to open the gate with just a touch of a button. Call our Residential Gate Granada Hills today and ask about gate openers.

Our Gate Repair Granada Hills provides these openers as well as installs them. The gate openers that we provide are all top of the line brands. They all are models that will last you a long time and work great. Below is a list of the brands that we carry.

  • FAAC
  • All O MATIC
  • RENO

Residential gate installation is another popular service that we at Granada Hills Residential Gate provide. Residential gates are something that a lot of people choose to have installed on the end of their driveway. These gates are great because for one they look great and add a lot to the property. The gates are also great for protection. The gate will keep unwanted guests from coming onto your property. Call us and ask to talk to one of our gate contractors.

Our gate contractor will guide you through the process

We not only can do installations on residential gates we can also make these gates for you. We even have custom made gates. These are gates that you will customize to look exactly how you want them to. You will decide on everything from the color to the ornamentals. Our gate contractor will guide you through the process. We will then make the fence and come out and install it. Here is a list if the gates that we offer for our residential and commercial customers.

  • swing gates
  • walk throw gates
  • wrought iron gates
  • iron gates
  • sliding gates
  • custom made pedestrian gates
  • driveway gates
  • overhead gates
  • parking garage gates
  • electric gates
  • roll up gates
  • barrier arm gates
  • automatic driveway gates
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